The name draws from the Latin root of the word jubilare, meaning “to shout with joy”. Within the social fabric of any community, there are marginalized people living on the borders or roaming invisibly due to social, economic or cultural barriers. Jubilo aims to disintegrate these barriers through the action of artistic encounters, where the platform of exchange becomes the language of body, voice, music and space. Through sustainable encounters, Jubilo seeks to intervene through reintegration where human connections are continually reawakened in a process that flows from the theatrical space to workshops in the field to the daily engagement in the community.

Since its inception in 2011, Jubilo has collaborated with various groups in the Wrocław area including young adults with mental and developmental disabilities (Stowarzyszenie Świat Nadziei), Polish Roma youth (Romani Bacht), and Romanian Roma youth (Stowarzyszenie Nomada). In May 2012 Jubilo held a public work demonstration entitled Searching for the Language of Joy in the space of Song of the Goat Theatre. This was followed by an expedition in Summer 2012 to Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in the Mars Mira peace march recognizing the 1995 Srebrenica genocide, and to work with displaced women and child refugees currently living in the Tuzla canton. In March 2013 Jubilo began a collaboration with the Grotowski Institute as part of the BodyConstitution programme. The actors initiated a programme of research into their physical and vocal practices, with the participation of guest practitioners, decomposing the practices into a language that can be translated into the field work. This was an exploration into the space that exists between the performative language within the theatre space and the human language within the artistic encounter.

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Diego Pileggi

Diego Pileggi is an Italian actor and director. He obtained a Master's degree in Acting in 2009 with Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with Song of the Goat Theatre and a degree in Performative Arts with Università degli Studi di Milano(2007). He plays clarinet and has a background in movement, dance theatre and Kendo. He studied with Marcello Magni, Mamadou Dioume, Michele Abbondanza, Chiara Michelini and Lorenzo Lutteri.

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