Diego Pileggi

Diego Pileggi is an Italian actor and director. He obtained a Master's degree in Acting in 2009 with Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with Song of the Goat Theatre and a degree in Performative Arts with Università degli Studi di Milano(2007). He plays clarinet and has a background in movement, dance theatre and Kendo. He studied with Marcello Magni, Mamadou Dioume, Michele Abbondanza, Chiara Michelini and Lorenzo Lutteri. Founder of the theatrical group Il Giardino delle Ore based in the North of Italy; he worked for several years as a puppeteer in the company Teatro dei Burattini in Como. He is the leader of Oistros project, theatrical research expedition held in Salento in the summer of 2009; the theme of the research was the ritual of Tarantismo, followed by a period of work on liturgical, work songs and knife fight. He is founding member and actor of the research company Odra Ensemble developed in collaboration with Song of the Goat Theatre; their first performance We will leave only bone: Reflections of Eurydice, premiered in March 2013. Since 2013 Diego is collaborator of the Grotowski Institute (Wroclaw) as co-founder and artistic leader of Jubilo, a theatrical project addressed to cultural minorities in Wroclaw and abroad. In the last years the project opened a dialogue with different communities and groups: Romanian Roma community, Polish Roma children, mentally and physically disabled groups, Bosnian refugees (women and children). Diego currently develops his own pedagogical and artistic work by running workshops and leading work sessions in collaboration with other theatre practitioners internationally.