BodyConstitution is a programme of research in practice at the Grotowski. In the years  2013–2016 the core of the project was comprised by groups in residence at the Grotowski Institute – studios focused on distinct movement traditions/techniques and ensembles that have developed their own performer training approaches based on source movement techniques:

  • Studio Kalari, led by Sankar Lal Sivasankaran Nair and Justyna Rodzińska-Nair
  • Two Paths Studio, led by Przemysław Błaszczak and Jakub Gontarski
  • Teatr ZAR, led by Jarosław Fret
  • Studio Matejka, led by Matej Matejka
  • Jubilo Group, led by Diego Pileggi, Agnieszka Bresler and Joshua Doerksen

Since January 2014 the BodyConstitution educational programme engaged students and teachers of PWST in Kraków, branch in Wrocław, and the Oslo National Academy of the Arts who participated in trainings and workshops held as part of summer and winter academies as well as workshops and practical seminars in Wrocław and Oslo. The seminar held in 2016 as part of the theatre programme of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 was the final events of the 3-year project.

Curator: Jarosław Fret
BodyConstitution programme coordinator in 2013–2016: Izabela Młynarz