Voice and Body: The Sung and Spoken Voice

We invite participants to discover and experiment with their vocal identity through an exploration of their body and voice. The work sessions are based on the physical actions developed by Zygmunt Molik (1930–2010), co-founder and actor of Jerzy Grotowski’s Laboratory Theatre, where he played a crucial role in developing voice training.

In the sessions, participants will learn the essential principles of the Voice and Body vocal training:

  • opening up their voice and body through very precise physical actions called the Body Alphabet
  • personal exploration based on associations of different Body Alphabet elements, a sort of improvisation around the participant’s personal stories; what then emerges is an unexpected, unpredictable resonance, the source of bodily vibration
  • exploring and harmonising breath and movement; the spontaneity and naturalness that emerge during the work are put at the service of singing and speech
  • individual and collective voice work
  • application of the principles learned in working on a text and a song – individual work

Jorge Parente

is Portuguese and has been living in Paris since 1971. He graduated in acting from L’école d’art dramatic de Daniel Postal: Le Joueur Requarde in 1989. He later trained with Jean-Paul Denizon (CITI, Peter Brook), Guy Freixe (former member of Théâtre du Soleil) and Gennadi Bogdanov (Meyerhold biomechanics), and studied with Iseult Welsch (2000–2001), master of Marie-Louise Aucher’s Psychophony.

Photo by Maciej ZakrzewskiPhoto by Maciej ZakrzewskiPhoto byMaciej ZakrzewskiPhoto by Maciej ZakrzewskiPhoto by Maciej ZakrzewskiPhoto by Maciej ZakrzewskiPhoto by Yousef Al Hosam