Into the Sound

Work sessions dedicated to different polyphonic traditions: Georgian, Corsican, Svan and Sardinian. The chosen source-material becomes a starting point for coordinating song and breath progression and for harmonic improvisation based on different scales and modes. Participants explore different sound textures using source techniques drawn from traditions from which Teatr ZAR takes its inspiration. Ditte Berkeley’s work is based on a belief that research into source techniques shapes the performer’s vocal identity, providing an answer to the question: what kind of person your voice is?

Ditte Berkeley

(Denmark, UK) was brought up in Spain. In 2001, she graduated from Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama in London. She has since been a leading actress and co-creator with Teatr ZAR in Wrocław, Poland, performing in Teatr ZAR’s works and taking part in their numerous expeditions. Performances include a triptych comprising Gospels of Childhood, Ceasarean Section and Anhelli: The Calling and Armine, Sister.

Photo by Piotr Nykowski/Poza OkiemPhoto by Maciej ZakrzewskiPhoto by Yousef Al HosamPhoto by Yousef Al HosamPhoto by Tobiasz PapuczysPhoto by Piotr Nykowski/Poza Okiem