Four Centres

Comprehensive sessions dedicated to the actor’s dramaturgy. The Change (meaning a situation that got disturbed), and the ability to recognise it, is the main and fundamental aspect of every drama. How an actor, a performer can work for readability of her/his own line of actions? How, by making a live stream of permanent movements, structurise them within their inner microdramaturgical potentiality? How to create a body/text with no recourse to a common body language? The session will confront two main practical ideas which are fundamentally connected in the actor’s craft: the Organic Field and the Dramatic Field, interwoven and depended on each other.

As particular tools, the four dramaturgical centres, understood as fields of redistribution of physical energy will be introduced:

  • the First Centre: the pelvis/coccyx
  • the Second Centre: the chest/shoulders
  • the Third Centre: the breath
  • and contact/perception as the Fourth Body Centre – all of them creating a unique organism/text for incorporated drama

Jarosław Fret

is a founder and leader of Teatr ZAR, theatre director and actor. He is Director of the Grotowski Institute. He was a lecturer at the PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków (Branch in Wrocław) and President of the Board of Curators of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 and Curator of its Theatre Programme. In 1999–2002, he organised a series of expeditions to Georgia, Armenia and Iran, conducting research into the oldest forms of religious music of Eastern Christianity.

Photo by Irena LipińskaPhoto by Irena LipińskaPhoto by Irena LipińskaPhoto by Irena Lipińska