7 April {Thursday}

Na Grobli Studio (Studio Space), 30/32 Na Grobli Street

Ancient Keralite Tradition of Martial Art and Physical Culture

Work demonstration by Sathyanarayanan Govindan Kutty Nair, assisted by Rajasekharan Nair Nagappan Nair, Raam Kumar Ravikumar

Thu 7 April 2016, 17:45–19:15

Na Grobli Studio, Studio Space

Admission free

In English with Polish translation

Ancient Keralite Tradition of Martial Art and Physical Culture

Northern style kalarippayattu, which has its roots in the Northern Malabar region of Kerala in India, was essentially a body-mind training system for youngsters, integrated into their education between 9th and 12th centuries AD. The kalari, the spiritual space where kalarippayattu was practised, was an important place in every village at that time.

Sathyanarayanan Govindan Kutty Nair

Sathyanarayanan Govindan Kutty Nair has been the leader, gurukkal (master) and secretary of the performing team of the CVN Kalari Sangham since January 2006. He is a full time gurukkal and physician at the Kalari Chikilsa Clinic at CVN Kalari, Trivandrum, Kerala, India. He started training in kalarippayattu at the age of 10 under his father Gurukkal Sri. C.V. Govindan Kutty Nair, son of Sri. C.V. Narayanan Nair, a great exponent of the martial art, credited for reviving the dying tradition of kalarippayattu in the 1950s.

Rajasekharan Nair Nagappan Nair

Rajasekharan Nair Nagappan Nair was initited to kalarippayattu under Gurukkal Sri C.V. Govindan Kutty Nair in 1969 at CVN Kalari, Trivandrum, Kerala, India. He won individual and team state championships in kalarippayattu from 1972 to 1975. While training under Gurukkal Govindan Kutty Nair he participated in several national and international Kalarippayattu events.

Raam Kumar Ravikumar

Raam Kumar Ravikumar started kalarippayattu training at the age of 7 under his grandfather Gurukkal Sri C. V. Govindan Kutty Nair at CVN Kalari, Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Since 2006 he has trained under his uncle Sri G Sathya Narayanan. In 2000 he started to take part in kalarippayattu demonstrations with the professional team of CVN Kalari. He is a staff member of the Attakalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore, India (