4 April {Monday}

Na Grobli Studio (Studio Space), 30/32 Na Grobli Street

Kokyu Ho: Practice of the Breath

Work demonstration by Przemysław Błaszczak of the Two Paths Studio

Mon 4 April 201617:00–19:30

Na Grobli Studio, Studio Space

Admission free

In Polish with English translation

Kokyu Ho: Practice of the Breath

This work demonstration is the result of three years of closed studio work. In pursuance of our aim – which was to create a training for performers, taking martial art training (aikido) as a jumping-off point – we discovered that our work can take us in many different directions. Key to our work at Two Paths Studio is to remain faithful to tradition and to explore how this can be achieved while creating a space for transgression and transfer of the training to the field of theatre.

Two Paths Studio

Two Paths Studio seeks to develop a training which centres around the ideas of confrontation and in-depth understanding of the function of training in studio work, drawing on the martial arts experience of the Studio leaders, Przemysław Błaszczak (aikido) and Jakub Gontarski (capoeira). The first stage of Studio’s work focused on ‘two paths’ – two different movement traditions, Japanese and Brazilian, attempting to find a common territory that a performer, or ‘practitioner’, can draw from.

Przemysław Błaszczak

is an actor with a degree in philosophy who has been associated with the Grotowski Institute since 1995. From 1996 to 1999, he worked with the Song of the Goat Theatre, where he performed in Song of the Goat – Dithyramb.