17 May {Friday}

Laboratory Theatre Space, Rynek-Ratusz 27


Performance by Gema Galiana of Studio Matejka

Tickets: 10 PLN
Bookings and tickets:

tel. 71 34 45 320

Alexandra Kazazou

Was born in Poland and studied acting at the North National Theatre School in Thessaloniki, followed by a degree in classical Greek theatre. She first encountered physical theatre in a workshop with Song of the Goat Theatre during her studies, and later returned to Wroclaw to attend the MA Acting programme of Song of the Goat Theatre. Before starting the MA, she worked for a year in Athens, co-founding the company Asypka with which she performed three acclaimed shows. She is now part of Studio Matejka’s artistic team.

Alexandra KazazouAlexandra KazazouAlexandra Kazazou
Alexandra KazazouAlexandra KazazouAlexandra Kazazou