Creativity through Pressure, Difficulty and Danger

For the past ten years, Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea, as RootlessRoot, have been researching human movement through the development of the Fighting Monkey practice. They focus on the very principles that formulate human motion. They explore primitive and basic concepts, and their experience has proven that there are no ‘exercises’ that would be complex enough to prepare you for life. Open games, or movement situations, that involve partners, ever changing rules and specific context have much more to offer. This model occurs everywhere in nature. Animals play complex games to learn how to survive.

This is the reason why RootlessRoot design and create games that are marked by irregularity, flux, difficulty, pressure and danger. For those elements to be integrated into the games, RootlessRoot get inspired by many fields of human experience including martial arts, sports, science, traditional crafts, everyday life and the use of simple materials and objects such as wood, stone, rope and cloth. Pushing the body to its limits means changing neuromuscular patterns, rebuilding memories, cultivating observation. It means helping the body release its creative powers, find new strategic solutions to complex problems and survive through original creativity.