This workshop is designed to introduce kalarippayattu as a root practice in order to understand the integration of mind and body through a series physical practices unique to the traditional kalarippayattu practice of the CVN Kalari lineage.

The workshop will introduce the body training process, or meyirakkom, of Northern style kalarippayattu, not as a set of demanding martial art exercises but as a root process for understanding the centring of mind, body and inner, subtle forces that controls movement and energy. As with any classical Indian tradition of knowledge and practice, understanding and acquiring the principles of movement and energy is a slow, evolving process rather than just learning a set of techniques.

The workshop will introduce chuvadus, the basic placement of feet, a series of leg exercises called kaalukal, and the body postures, or vadivus. These eight postures represent and are named after different animals, including Simha (lion) and Gaja (elephant). If time permits, we will focus on some basic components of body training systems called meippayat, which integrate chuvadus and vadivus into a series of exercises to create a subtle flow of energy in the spine by controlled and circular movements of the body.

If participants demonstrate satisfactory progress, some basic principles of weapon training will also be introduced.

More information: http://www.cvnkalari.in/index.html