Voice and Body

2014-12-01 09:002014-12-05 16:00

Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Practical seminar with Jorge Parente, assisted by Zoe Ogeret, for the students and teachers of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts

The Voice and Body approach, developed by Zygmunt Molik for 48 years, enables the trainee to open up their voice and body through precise physical actions (the Body Alphabet). The approach involves individual work based on associations of Body Alphabet elements, a kind of improvisation around personal stories. This activates the resonators, and leads to the discovery of the sources of body vibration.

This approach also seeks to harmonize breath and movement, and puts the spontaneity and naturalness that emerge during the work (in singing and speaking) in the service of singing. The aim is to speak as if singing and sing as if speaking, and to find unity between the depth of exploration and the lightness of execution.

The workshops will include:

• Learning and rehearsing specific physical exercises of the Body Alphabet (which engage and strengthen the whole body as well as activating vocal impulses)

• Individual and collective voice work

• Individual work with a text and a song, supervised by the trainer

Photo by Karol Jarek