8 April {Friday}

To Tu, ul. Hubska 6


Performance by Daisuke Yoshimoto

Admission: 20 PLN

Bookings and tickets:
Tel. 71 34 45 320

All tickets booked in advance must be collected from our Office in Przejście Żelaźnicze by the date and time agreed at the time of booking.


that is my body.

Truth, the grotesque, ruin, glory and misery, foolishness, dignity of the body, clumsiness, desire, beauty, falsity, the unknown, ambition, darkness, bacteria, Eros, the sacred and the profane, absurdity, graceful cruelty, 13th burial of myself, delusion, idiot, running, frenzy, tension, the aching Dancing Girl, betrayal, loneliness, etc.
When the soul and body wither, let’s take a walk inside a coffin… text is in my body.’
Daisuke Yoshimoto

Daisuke Yoshimoto

Daisuke Yoshimoto graduated in art from the Theatre Department at the Nippon University in 1967. Since the early years of his stage career, he collaborated and co-created performances with the greatest Butoh masters such as Hisayo Iwaki, Yukihiko Sakai and Kazuo Ohno (as a stage manager for La Argentina in 1977 and My Mother in 1981). In 1983 he created his first Butoh piece, The Head of the Bird Woman. He has performed in many countries, including Austria, Denmark, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy and the USA.