8 April {Friday}

PWST, ul. Braniborska 59 (Big Stage)

Somaesthetic Multiculturalism

Lecture by Richard Shusterman

FriApril 2016, 17:15–18:45

PWST, ul. Braniborska 59 (Big Stage)

Admission free

In English with Polish translation

Somaesthetic Multiculturalism

The project of somaesthetics has multicultural roots. Inspired by ideas and body practices from the ancient philosophies of Greece, China, India and Japan, it also draws on theories of modern Western philosophers and contemporary body-mind therapies such as Alexander Technique, Bioenergetics and Feldenkrais Method. A fundamental idea of somaesthetics is that the soma (the living, sentient, purposive body) is the integrated product of body, mind and culture.

Richard Shusterman

Richard Shusterman is the Dorothy F. Schmidt Eminent Scholar in the Humanities and Director of the Center for Body, Mind, and Culture at Florida Atlantic University. He is the leading theorist of the interdisciplinary research field of somaesthetics, which he originated in the late 1990s, based on philosophical ideas but also on his practical experience with different body disciplines.