6 April {Wednesday}

Na Grobli Studio (Studio Space), 30/32 Na Grobli Street

Jogo de Corpo – Capoeira: The Body, Rhythm and Ancestry

Work demonstration by Mestre Cobra Mansa and a screening of the documentary Body Games: Capoeira and Ancestry (with English subtitles)

Wed 6 April 201620:00–22:30

Na Grobli Studio, Studio Space

Admission free

In English with Polish translation

Jogo de Corpo – Capoeira: The Body, Rhythm and Ancestry

Mestre Cobra Mansa will share the findings of his research on the corporeal wisdom of our ancestors (‘ancestral body’) and on the process of re-learning the movements that have been forgotten and lost in the Western world, where every day man and the human body are turned into machines. Through the music and rhythms of Capoeira Angola, the body reconnects with the spirit, mind and music. Capoeira Angola restores a being to its natural state.

Mestre Cobra Mansa

Mestre Cobra Mansa (Cinézio Peçanha) has been a Master of Capoeira Angola since 1986. He is one of the principal figures responsible for the revitalisation of Capoeira Angola. In 1996, he founded the International Capoeira Angola Foundation (Fundaçao Internacional de Capoeira de Angola) in Washington DC. Mestre Cobra Mansa participated as producer, consultant and actor in diverse documentary films about capoeira. He is co-director of the film Jogo de Corpo: Capoeira and Ancestry (2014).