26 April {Sunday}

Na Grobli Studio (Studio Space), 30/32 Na Grobli Street

Armine, Sister

Performance by Teatr ZAR

Admission free, advance booking require:, tel. 71 34 45 320
Please note that all booked tickets must be collected from the Office (Rynek-Ratusz 27) no later than one day before the chosen performance.

Armine, Sister

Armine, Sister is dedicated to Armenian history and culture and to the Armenian genocide.

Originally, the piece was intended as a séance in which it is not us calling the departed, but the spirits of the dead calling to have a trace of the past revealed, made visible, unearthed. The title, Armine, Sister, recalls the first two words of a letter with no clear address, which is doomed to drift around in time and space.