25 April {Saturday}

Laboratory Theatre Space, Rynek-Ratusz 27

Intersecting Planes

Work demonstration by Simona Sala and Sankar Lal Sivasankaran Nair with Daisuke Yoshimoto, introduced by Jarosław Fret

In English with consecutive Polish translation

Admission free

Intersecting Planes

This work demonstration will focus on the actor’s physical preparation for training seen as a dramatic process. How to recognize drama incorporated into a line of action? How to retain its clarity when one must rebuild actions with limited means of expression? How to prevent drama from degrading in the face of the degradation of the body?

Simona Sala

is an actress and performer. She developed as an actress working with artists such as Nhandan Chirco (Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards), Giles Smith (Royal National Theatre, London), Iñaki Azpillaga (Spain), Carlos Alsina (Argentina), Norberto Presta and Sabine Uitz (Centro Produzione Teatrale Via Rosse) and Tanya Khabarowa (Derevo). In 2004, she completed a two-year professional course at the Piccolo Teatro of Pontedera, led by Luisa Pasello, Silvia Pasello, Silvia Rubes, Roberto Bacci and Francesca della Monica.

Sankar Lal Sivasankarain Nair

is a kalarippayattu teacher and certified ayurvedic massage therapist born in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Sankar started studying the Southern style of kalarippayattu in 1990. His masters have included Tirupuram C. Madhavan (Anjaneya Kalari Sangham), Jayachandran Nair (Kerala School of Martial Arts), Thankappan Assan and Ajith Kumar (Maruthi Marma Chikilsa Kalari Sangham and Ayurveda) and Raja Gopalan Assan (present master).

Daisuke Yoshimoto

Daisuke Yoshimoto graduated in art from the Theatre Department at the Nippon University in 1967. Since the early years of his stage career, he collaborated and co-created performances with the greatest Butoh masters such as Hisayo Iwaki, Yukihiko Sakai and Kazuo Ohno (as a stage manager for La Argentina in 1977 and My Mother in 1981). In 1983 he created his first Butoh piece, The Head of the Bird Woman. He has performed in many countries, including Austria, Denmark, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy and the USA.

Jarosław Fret

Jarosław Fret is a founder and leader of Teatr ZAR, theatre director and actor. He is Director of the Grotowski Institute, lecturer at the PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków (Branch in Wrocław) and President of the Board of Curators of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 and Curator of its Theatre Programme. In 1999–2002 he organized a series of expeditions to Georgia, Armenia and Iran, conducting research into the oldest forms of religious music of Eastern Christianity.