11 April {Friday}

Sala Studyjna, Studio Na Grobli, ul. Na Grobli 30/32

Self-diagnosis in Actor Training

A lecture by Piotr Bursiewicz

Admission free

Self diagnosis in Actor Training

This lecture will explore the issue of full musculoskeletal self-diagnosis in actor training. The speaker will posit the need to introduce various kinds of diagnosis to the actor’s work, involving a form of medical and physiotherapy supervision enabling effective prevention of strains and injuries. In addition, performers will learn about dysfunctions that may occur in training or performance.

Piotr Bursiewicz

graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław and has an over thirty-year experience in sports massage and rehabilitation. He works with athletes from a variety of sports. He has developed an innovative system of working with patients based on three elements: detailed diagnostics, individually selected treatments and education in body awareness and self-therapy. He has trained in countries such as the RSA, Thailand, Germany, the Czech Republic, China and Brazil.