17 May {Friday}

Laboratory Theatre Space, Rynek-Ratusz 27

Behaviour Therapy for Musculoskeletal Conditions

Lecture by Piotr Bursiewicz

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Behaviour Therapy for Musculoskeletal Conditions

Part 1: Introduction: Visual overview of anatomy and biomechanics

Part 2: Behavioural principles in musculoskeletal therapies

Part 3: Self-diagnosis and self-control systems

Part 4: Body awareness systems and the therapeutic function of body awareness

Piotr Bursiewicz

graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław and has an over thirty-year experience in sports massage and rehabilitation. He works with athletes from a variety of sports. He has developed an innovative system of working with patients based on three elements: detailed diagnostics, individually selected treatments and education in body awareness and self-therapy. He has trained in countries such as the RSA, Thailand, Germany, the Czech Republic, China and Brazil.

Behawioralna terapia układu ruchu
Behawioralna terapia układu ruchu