Capoeira Angola is the most traditional style of capoeira, with roots in African ritual. Its first major master was Mestre Pastinha (Vicente Ferreira Pastinha). Capoeira Angola involves slow, smooth, close-to-the ground-movements which include low kicks, head butts and dodges. The two players, or warriors, called Angoleiros, are very close to each other. The music of Capoeira Angola is slower than the one played in Capoeira Regional and its focus is less on aggressive interaction between the players and more on positive energy. 

 During the sessions, Mestre Cobra Mansa will focus on:

  • the fundamentals of basic movements and elements of defence and attack in Capoeira Angola
  • providing an introduction to music, rhythm and ritual
  • developing body awareness by improving movement agility, reflexes/reactions and flexibility
  • understanding through rhythm and music in traditional capoeira