Two Paths Studio

Through the movement and physical actions developed by the Two Paths Studio we will together enter the process of importance of martial arts traditions and ethics, the symbolism of the body, relation and non-relation, balance and non-balance, balance in the state of imbalance and balance in the relative perception of rhythm and pace. The central focus of the session will be body expression – participants will enter the process of unleashing the potential of body expression through improvisation. Following a number of different directions of physical training we will focus on preparing and strengthening the body and discovering specific types of contact and partnership – based on trust and cooperation or on distrust and the desire to take control – by misleading or taking advantage of moments of lapsed concentration. We will also work with exercises developing trust, alertness, speed, pace, flexibility, the sense of distance and space, and the ability to listen with the body, which, due to its anatomy, always assumes a specific constitution.

Jakub Gontarski