Espirit Yamak. L'Art du Deplacement

The practice of l’Art Du Déplacement (ADD) was born in the suburbs of Paris in the late 1980s amongst a group of young people joined by friendship and family ties. At first they played together testing their strength and agility. They called themselves Yamakasi, which in Lingala dialect means ‘strong spirit’, ‘strong body’, ‘strong person’.

 In a spirit of sharing and mutual encouragement to grow stronger and go further beyond their limits, they developed a rigorous training system of exercises and techniques to prepare themselves for higher levels of physical and mental mastery.


Since the 1980s the practice has spread worldwide (also as parkour) and ADD has been further developed by four of them – Chau Belle, Williams Belle, Yann Hnautra and Laurent Piemontesi – who kept on practising it and spreading a culture of sharing, improving well-being through mental and physical effort, as well as values such as respect, good will, resilience and courage.


Its two key words are Art and Movement. Through Art we develop our inner qualities, the invisible. With Movement we explore and discover the world and people; we practise displacement, which is good for physical fitness, our body, the visible.
Laurent Piemontesi 


‘Esprit Yamak’ workshop is open to all those interested in experiencing l’Art Du Déplacement in its original spirit of research, commitment and sharing.

Please bring indoor and outdoor training gear.