The Method of Theodoros Terzopoulos

“The process of rehearsal in Attis Theatre is not the performance of a dramatic concept; it is an adventure on a journey to the landscape of memory, a search for the lost keys of unity between body and speech, the word as a natural unity.”

Heiner Müller, Berlin, 1987

The work demonstration is an introduction to the renowned and influential method of Theordoros Terzopoulos that is being taught in international drama academies, drama schools and universities, and has inspired actors all over the world. Terzopoulos’ method focuses on the emancipation of the trapped energy and voice, and aims to reconstitute the lost unity between the word and the body.

The main axons of the method that will be introduced:

  • Function and control of breathing
  • Techniques of self-concentration
  • Localization and activation of corporal axes
  • Strengthening of the energy centre
  • Localization of the sound sources
  • Total activation of the resonators
  • Emancipation of the voice
  • Rhythmic interpretation of a text (ancient Greek tragedy and classic texts)