The Method of Theodoros Terzopoulos

The workshop is an introduction to the renowned and influential method of Theordoros Terzopoulos that is being taught in international drama academies, drama schools and universities, and has inspired actors all over the world. Terzopoulos’ method focuses on the emancipation of the trapped energy and voice, and aims to reconstitute the lost unity between the word and the body.

Participants, as a group, will perform a sequence of dynamic physical and vocal exercises created to cultivate their diaphragmatic breath control through the practice of in-body concentration. The suggested physical and vocal training activates the corporal axes connected to the body centre (energy triangle) while stimulating and liberating the sound sources and resonators of the body. Performers will work towards the emancipation of their voice, investing the elements of the training in a rhythmic interpretation of a text (ancient Greek tragedy and classic texts).