Studio Dwóch Ścieżek

Two Paths Studio seeks to develop a training which focuses on the idea of confrontation and opening to new concepts of movement and body work based on the martial arts experience of Studio leaders, Przemysław Błaszczak (aikido) and Jakub Gontarski (capoeira). “Two Paths” are not only two different Japanese and Brazilian movement traditions, but also two different paths: the path of the warrior and the path of the performer. The work of the Studio focuses on how people relate to space (both the workspace and the space of contact with a partner and the group). The extensive experience of the Studio members (Tomáš Wortner, Karolina Brzęk and Agnieszka Rybak) gives them a multi-perspective look at the idea of “two paths” so they can co-create training methods and tools in a group process. Two Paths Studio works at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław as part of the BodyConstitution research programme.